Northern California Peace Officers Association
PO Box 983
Sloughhouse, Ca. 95683

Board of Directors 2018/2019

Chis Champlin, Marin SO
Clearlake PD

Vice President:
Hal Barker, Sheriff El Dorado Co. (ret)
Chief of Police, Folsom, Ca. (ret)

Sergeant at Arms
Larry Bowler,  Lieutenant, Sacramento Sheriff (ret)
California Assemblyman (ret)

Ron Allen POST (ret)

Robert N. Denham, Jr.  Chief Deputy, Sacramento Sheriff's Dept. (ret)

Past Presidents:

Ted Marfia, Sergeant,  San Jose PD (ret)
Judy Denton, Sacramento Coroner (ret)

Executive Director
Val Kobza, Chief Deputy, Sacramento Sheriff's Department  (ret)

Bartenders and bottle washers
Robert and Shaon Nichols

 PO Box 983 
Sloughhouse, Ca. 95683
(916) 682-4897

Val Kobza
Joe Barnes.
Val Kobza
Your Board hard at work for the good of the NCPOA
Dennis  Sexton
          Ted Marfia
  Our other Bartenders Rick Sullivan and Rod Harmon
    Judy Denton
Ron Allen
Robert N. Denham
Judy Denton
Chris Champlin
Ted Marfia
Chris Champlin
President 2018/2019
Hal Barker
Vice President 2018/2019
Judy Denton
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Larry Bowler