A. Regular Members:  Any Regular or Reserve Peace Officer as defined in Section 830 or 830.6 of the California Penal Code.  This includes the following:

 1. District Attorneys and their Deputies;
  2. Attorney General and his/her Deputies;
  3. Members of the Judiciary (not to include 
  4. All full time paid Federal law enforcement 
  5.  Any person in the above categories who is
                 honorably retired.
  6 .  Any active or retired peace officer from any state
                 or territory of the United States that is                                                    equivalent to California Penal Code
                 Section 830 or 830.6.

B.  Associate Members:

1.  Members of the Armed Forces, active or
                retired whose duties are closely allied with 
                law enforcement work.
           2.  Part-time law enforcement officers either paid 
                 or unpaid.
           3.  Persons employed by private industry whose 
                 duties are closely allied with law enforcement
           4.  Persons who do not fall in the above categories 
                 but  who are approved by a majority of the 
                 Executive Committee.

*All applications are submitted to the Executive Committee
for review/approval.