.Donations to the Northern California Peace Officers Association.

The Northern California Peace Officers Association is a social and philanthropic organization comprised of active and retired members of local, state and federal law enforcement, public safety, probation and correctional organizations.  In addition to our social benefit to our members, our mission is to provide scholarships for Criminal Justice majors enrolled in the Criminal Justice Program at California State University, Sacramento.  Since 1980, over $200,000 in scholarships have been awarded to over 200 students.  No member of the Association is paid a salary and no funds are expended in any fund raising endeavor.  All funds generated for the NCPOA Scholarship Foundation are dedicated to the scholarships. 
The Northern California Peace Officers Association is a not for profit tax exempt corporation registered in California under IRS Code 501 (c) (7).  The tax id number is
In 2011, the NCPOA formed the Northern California Peace Officers Scholarship Foundation, an unincorporated non profit association under the laws of California.   This Foundation is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a public charity, 501 (c) (3)  organization.  All funds, property and donations to the foundation are tax exempt and fully tax deductible, subject to current IRS tax regulations.  The tax ID number for the NCPOA SF is
Donations may be made to the NCPOA Scholarship Foundation in a variety of forms.  We may accept direct monetary donations in any amount by sending the funds to our mailing address at NCPOA, PO Box 983, Sloughhouse, Ca. 95683.  

The NCPOA may also be a beneficiary in a will or trust.  The wording of the instrument is relatively straight forward, with words to the effect, " that, upon my death, I bequeath to the NCPOA Scholarship Foundation a (sum of X $) or (  X percent  of my estate)."   Should you choose to include the NCPOA SF in your will or trust, please consult your attorney or advisor for the proper legal language to insure that your directions are followed.   
Please notify the NCPOA in writing of your bequest.  

Any person, foundation, family or organization wishing to fund a scholarship in the name of an individual or organization may do so with a donation of a minimum of $10,000.  This scholarship will be awarded  in memory of the honoree  and appropriate recognition shall be given to the honoree and donor.   Memorial scholarshiips are subject to the approval of the NCPOA SF Board of Directors.  For further information on establishing a memorial scholarship, contact the NCPOA Executive Director, Val Kobza.